We travel from one remote world to another on Booby Bloo on a big Wharram catamaran. This style is inspired by the polynesian seafarer, very safe, very simple but additionally with some of the latest technical items running in the background – safety first. It’s simply a joy to sail the world.


We the Schweizers (2 adults with 2 teenager from Switzerland/Peru), trying to live a sustainable lifestyle, all the important energy on board we have from sun and wind, a lot of food comes from the sea and from local markets. We have 4 cosy doublecabins: 1x Parents, 2x youngsters and 1x guest.

So living on Booby Bloo you will have a inimitable vacation situation: You and probably your partner will have their cabin somewhere in a lost paradise and the family crew who tries to offer you the time of your life. Sounds like VIP 😉

 Normally we stay on anchor in a quiet bay. It´s up to you how active you want to be onboard.  If you just want to relax in the sun, swim, fish or enjoy a good book you are most welcome to do so, or if you are full of energy, why not sailing big Booby Bloo.

The destinations

Unbeaten paths, archaic paradises, unusual spots and worlds where you lose the sense of time and space.  You can join us for a day, for a week, for a month… and you can even discuss with the captain your ideas, he loves to break out …..
You can choose between lazy days, cosy trips or hardcore adventure on the big blue for example sailing to another continent.


This covers food, water, toys, diesel, cooking-gas, maintenance, spare-parts, sat-communication, boat insurance etc


Portugal – First impact