Exploring Beyond Time & Space

The mythical catamaran Booby Bloo explores remote worlds on the blue planet. On board a family crew who is living the ocean life, a voyage beyond time and space. And one cabin is always ready for guests who want to live a unique experience, probably one of last remaining adventures out of the traditional and busy box…

Boarding Into Another World

Do you love to discover, to adventure or are you already organising your time-out?  What we know and what we are able to promise you is the following: Long stay or short stay doesn’t matter, we dedicate us wholeheartedly in order to get you a once-in-a-lifetime-experience  during your Booby Bloo time!

  1. Check our current expedition and destination!
  2. Start dreaming!
  3. Get in touch with us! We are somewhere out there, and just now we are doing probably spearfishing for our dinner on board….

Exploring right now 
The Ria Formosa Natural Park – PORTUGAL

Exploring soon:
Cape Verde – West Africa