Catamaran “Booby Bloo”

Name of origin “Booby Bloo”
We received the idea by reading about some outstanding birds called Blue Footed Booby and they lives  in the pacific ocean. Here is the wiki-link! These fellas with their blue feet and their funny courtship made us really laugh we nearly felt like blood brothers with them!

Dimensions (m): 16,80 x 7,30 x 0,85

Sailarera (m²): 125 (max)

Displacement: ca. 9000 kg

Material: Plywood

Designer: James Wharram Designs

Power: 400 W solar panels & generator

Engines: 30 HP Outboard & 9.9 Yamaha High Thrust

Water tanks: 400 lt & watermaker

Fuel tanks: 25o lt

Cabins: 4 x 2

Facilities: 1 marine WC, 1 chemic WC, 1 outdoor shower