Isabelle Fontaine Schweizer, 11.04.65
Nationality: Switzerland
Profession: For many years 9to5 job as commercial employee in the watch industry, later, as many women  devoted 200% to my family and in the last few years I achieved my aspiration to became more or less independent  😉 as the artist Isabeille.

The enjoyment

To see people happy and to make them happy fills me with joy. This is what drives me under several headings and this is why I began writing tales, co-realised a musical show and registered and published a CD for children.


They are very important to me. I like to create exciting and helpful projects. It is an integral part of my personality, a necessity. In this reflection, I set up over a period of years infrastructures that had been missing in the community for them. At the end, 5  communities benefitted from their own after-school reception center for kids with volunteers and professionals in order to enable them to study, to play and to be safe in a healthy environment.


Colors fire my imagination. I create surreal works which I exhibit according to the opportunities. My last exhibition was made in the gallery Plexus in Switzerland/Fribourg.


Nature is omnipresent in my life and being in close contact with it together with my family excites me. Therefore, the preservation of nature is part of the philosophy of the character “Little Happiness” (“Petit Bonheur”). Being able to live in it, to feel it and to meet other cultures and extraordinary places is an essential part of an open-minded spirit and humanity on our beautiful planet.

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