The Story

” Dad, you are never at home, you always work “!

That was the moment of an intense process in me. I’ve arrived where I never wanted to be as a father. 150 % for the employer and some percent in the evening and weekends for my family. And on top, suddenly other factors popped up everywhere: I left work as a marketing manager after “mutual agreement “, Isabelle had to make a professional choice between her commercial work and the possibility to professionalise her art projects, the children apparently seemed to be interested only in video games and were again and yet again engaged in heavy conflicts and watching the news you had the impression to live in a terrible world…. And one day I knew that we as a family had to break the walls around us and to reinvent our live completely and finding a new way of life with a lot of unknown and enriching elements… In other words: realizing our dreams and exploring with our kids a fantastic world and showing them different cultures and different point of views of the Blue Planet.

Our biggest project was born ” Booby Bloo – Living out of the Box”.