It’s about people, nature and the joy of life

Now the catamaran is almost ready. Now we’re intensively living the live of sailor.  And now, we are able to get deep in touch with interesting people and earth’s wonderful nature and sometimes laughing our head off… often as a medicin about our self 🙂 . More and more, instead of chisel and drill we  work with cam and  interview recorder – now it’s about people, nature and the joy of life !

An extraordinary life “out of the box”.

Realizing our dreams and exploring with our kids a fantastic world and showing them different cultures and different point of views of the Blue Planet, that is our new aldventure. Till when? No idea, we have to find ways to live our dreamtime.

With our kids we talk in swiss-german and in french and sometimes even spanish. So we try to share with you our life “out of the box” in english, german and/or french.

We start at the very beginning of our adventure with this page and add in the course of the weeks new video episodes, photos or blog posts. Nevertheless, you’re very close to us via Facebook or Twitter