The Beginning #1 – the trigger

admin-boobyblu The Beginning

… where to start?

The trigger

Family Life as it was before

A family life, a big house, an organized life… That’s what I always asked for: a nest filled with colors and with love where I can express my art. A husband whom I adore and funny and lively children. And in fact, I had now “terrible” and very lively children and with a husband whom I adore but who worked and worked – and of course, until late…

He never really had time to be very present and the children harassed him when returning home or are already sleeping and myself was very bound to my role as a traditional mother.

I saw Will affected by this kind of life which should be wonderful and which nevertheless didn’t correspond to our expectations to live fully for our family life.

Deep inside I was sad. Sad because we didn’t appreciate our children as we should have, frustrated not to be able to share moments in their important childhood life. They will grow up day by day and one fine day they devoured by the illusive society they are used to and cut off from nature. I am afraid of losing everything and of losing including myself.

But at a certain moment we understood that it was necessary to do something for us as a family. To develop a life project which we really fully share with our kids, a realization of a lifetime dream, a completely free choice.

The trigger 

The trigger happened one day in July, 2015 by the river near my former workplace as a part-time secretary in a small company:

A feeling of big tiredness invaded me. Who am I? What kind of life do I live? Jobbing, sleeping, paying invoices and children play war games. I do not want that any more. A mother? An oldtimer employee who passed the 50s? A surrealist artist who wishes to live fully by her art? Am I an alien on the wrong place? I saw myself in 10 years close to the pension, speaking in a local coffee shop about my next appointment at the hairdresser and very probably at the beauty surgeon for a botox treatment by grumbling at the waitress who does not serve enough fast because due to my age I support not more the young people.

I saw the system of consumption and the throwaway society exploding right in my face, those signs which show you – according not only to economists – that your time is restricted and soon you are going to be a person who lives on the back of our society. It was time to rethink. In fact, we all know that everything is based on the superficiality and the opportunism and I’m struggling with that, right now.

The solidarity in this society is really lacking. Everyone fights for himself: may the best man win but the weak one left with nothing. In fact, to be honest I believe I had an overdose of our society and very probably with everything that goes with it.

So, that day, I returned home and told Willi, “I believe that it’s time to concretize our dream. We are in our beautiful and rented house but probably one day the owner wants to return… It’s important that we take a decision on what we really want to do as a family and our life project (which was present for so many years) won’t become reality. We should take the next step.”

As a consequence, Willi searched the internet and one day he showed me our future floating house, ” I believe I found it”. The project was launched.