The Beginning #2 – the preparation

admin-boobyblu The Beginning


The preparation

Nothing can be perfect

It was not really simple, for nobody. The worst was to tell it our parents. I love enormously my parents and tell them that the decision was taken was not easy – rethinking that situation tightens my heart again…

But I have adorable parents and they wish us the best and they want us happy. But the idea not to see them for a while was very hard for me as well as it is with my friends and my colleagues from the theater who I love so much, I think this was the most difficult part for me.

Time is running

Then the timing for organizing was extremely tight. It was winter 2015/2016 and I still had an art exhibition to prepare as well as the inauguration on June 13th of my 3 new volumes The Little Happiness (orig. Le Petit Bonheur) as self-publisher. My biggest son Marco helped me a lot during this period. It seemed to us that leaving Switzerland in summer 2016 during the school holidays as the easiest way to do it. Only drawback: during this period everybody was on holidays, but as it turned out, except some beautiful people who were able to lend us strong hands, to accommodate us and also to take care of our two boys Diego and Verón.

We had all in all between the moment of the decision and the moment of the departure some few months in front of us in order to manage the impossible and to manage our past and future life: the house, the exhibition, separating our belongings, the legal formalities, organising the education for the children, healthcare, medical emergency kit, transferring our personal stuff with the camper to the Algarve in Portugal, and all that together with children in the middle of summer. Including the transfer of all our belongings on a ferry to our catamaran Booby Bloo in front of the island of Culatra. Further, it was necessary of course to return the empty Mobilehome to Switzerland in order finalize there the rest of the tasks. And at the end when everything was done we planned to leave definitely Switzerland, parents, friends, school etc. by plane.

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