Portugal #4 – the unknown

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Exceed the fear of the unknown

Jumping into a project like this is like bungee jumping…

“Out of the box”, means for us to live outside of your cocoon and what happens out there. What are we going to discover? What are we going to show to our children? Maybe we are crazy or did we became aware of the crazy world which surrounds us? Is it necessary to be afraid? Perhaps it’s necessary to have a dose of such unconsciousness? We felt all the feelings and the reactions of our entourage: those who are enthusiastic, those who are skeptical, those who became silent and those who turned out as non-existent. Means, I could take a look at the human behavior. The one who hides behind the mask of daily life and once it dropped down it can surprise you but turn out at the same time as liberating because once the word is spread, I can release myself from everything in order to turn myself into my own best version…

The school on an island

Who would have told me that one day in my life I would do homeschooling my children on a boat moored in a lagoon? One year ago I still didn’t know was going to happen to us.

Here I am now, catapulted in a life out of the box as woman, mother, artist, professor, blogger and knowing absolutely nothing about living as a sailor. What a glorious mess..

The first night on Booby Bloo was strange but the murmuring of the sea calmed my apprehensions. Chaos on the boat: the XXL boxes decorated the platform with bags and tons of clothes. It was very hot we were in September. To date it wasn’t possible to do homeschooling with our children since we had so many things to think about and to organize – it was far too much for my spirit…