Portugal #5 – the school

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A blessing

We bought the school material for the next 2 years for Diego’s and Verón’s homeschooling on Booby Bloo, means Mathematics, French and German in order to follow as good as possible outside the system the line of Swiss schools. So, by and by I was able to teach it on the ship. Fortunately, however, the island Culatra starts the school end of Septembre, it was a gift of heaven for us. We signed in the two boys without problems and a week later they already joined the local school plus a support course in Portuguese and as a foreign language English. Specially Verón was very motivated. Nevertheless, we still taught at home French and German …

Of course, initially, it was quite hard for the kids but our life is an adventure, and truly, they loved the way we live it. They have a very open character, so in particular, Verón immediately finds the contact to people. At the beginning, we found it very chaotic the changing always changing timetables and our lack in Portuguese wasn’t very helpful. But here again, by and by with the increasing vocabulary of Portuguese we mastered that as well.

We found the rhythm

Today, 2 months later, we’ve found our rhythm in order to prepare more seriously Bloo Booby. And we discovered a musician: Diego wanted to learn guitar. His father et I got a huge smile. What luck! What a good news. On Wednesday afternoon he gets now the normal school music lesson and Saturday morning he joins guitar lessons on the mainland.

I always was very sensible to our nature. The Little Luck (french: Le Petit Bonheur) the principal character in my children’s stories has these characteristics as well. So I was very happy a few days ago to join with my children an environmental awareness campaign of their school.  It was a very interesting day about pollution, plastic bags and the correspondent impact on the sea. It couldn’t be better to sharpen their environmental awareness.