It`s About People, Nature & Joy Of Life

Although I  (Will) had quite a adventurous life and I’ve seen a lot, the contrast of preparing the entire family and a catamaran for a completly new way of life is really extreme: worldwide sailing, working and living outside the usual system.  As it turns out, it implies huge demands on psychology, on boat works and on organization in general. Holiday-sailing as well as our learned professions drifted totally into the background, we now need craftsman skills for the boat renovation such as in wood construction, iron, aluminum, physics, motors, etc.

I have often wished I had learned a good craftsman profession …! As our experienced sailor neighbor said:

You are climbing a very steep learning curve, ha haaa ..

Everything is still very unusual, we are experiencing a lot of new life situations, sometimes it is joyous and sometimes also fear-inspiring.

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